Omvati Devi Vidhya Mandir has been established for quality education in Firozabad

The School has a proactive approach to education and its foundations are based on the philosophy that quality education requires consistent efforts and new directions in the area of learning and teaching.

It is the endeavour of the school to be student centered in its approach and provide a balanced curriculum that results in the development of the overall personality of the students and to help them in becoming thought leaders of tomorrow.


The mission of “Omvati devi vidya mandir” is to develop the Indian Culture and its rich heritage by adapting the best form of education, which will develop the physical and mental personality of student in their utility to society.


Assist students to enjoy themselves through healthy recreational activities and hobbies as well as correct reading habits for a life time of pleasure and joy. Youthful energies to be properly channelised towards creativity and self actualization.